My name is Yousif Ibrahim, and I have owned and operated Holiday Time Travel in Brighton & Hove, since 2014. I have been a Certified Travel Consultant since 1998. These many years of service have enabled me to work with virtually every aspect of the travel industry.

My firm, Holiday Time, works with a widely diverse clientele. Many of my clients push the limits of international travel, looking for ‘off the beaten track’ itineraries and undiscovered adventure.

I am often asked, “What is your speciality?” The short answer is The World. My experience tells me that travel preferences trend in different directions at different times. My top selling locations have been Africa, Asia and Europe. But in 2016 I was immersed in Russia, India and South America.

There have been many changes in recent years caused by world events, and we pride ourselves at Holiday Time Travel to keep a close eye on this. and continuing this theme we sometimes have to inform our clients that some destinations which are highlighted by the foreign and commonwealth office we cannot be used as we are very concerned about client safety. It has been a great joy for me to discover travel opportunities in various developing countries (such as Ethiopia, Laos, Bhutan and Uganda as they strive to improve tourist holiday experience.

I am pleased to say that my firm has been recognized by the travel industry and during the past4 years, Holiday Time has been awarded the Independent Travel Agency of the Year 2017– South EnglandFurthermore, my original business plan programme was recognized as being completely successful and we were awarded the Global Travel Achievement Award 2017.  During the current year 2018, I have been shortlisted to be awarded by the International Travel Awards panel in the category of the World’s Best top 10 Travel Agents.  (The ceremony is due to take place on the 2 Feb 2019 in Dubai, and it goes without saying that I am very excited at this prospect).

The ethics of the company have not changed at all, it is still based on the principle of Customer, Customer, Customer. We feel that this aim and our record and feedback from our clients proves what we have always felt that customers come first. During this 4-year period, we have conducted comprehensive market surveys which have conclusively shown that we are very difficult to be equalled on prices, service and knowledge. We are currently dealing with over 400 tour operators which enables us to provide the widest selection of holidays and destinations.

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